Tuesday, 19 June 2012


There is a reason why my blog posts are so infrequent; when it comes to thinking up a notion to expand on, I can never think of anything that I might want to dedicate a few hundred words to.  As a perfectionist through and through - and, believe me, that isn't an understatement - I often spend hours on end drafting a post, re-drafting it and then deleting it all to start again.  It's silly, I know, but I just can't help it.

This post, however, is going to be different.  Firstly, it only took me between fifteen and twenty minutes to write that first paragraph (pretty much a personal best for me) and, secondly, I started it without having any specific topic in mind.  I still don't, by the way.

Of course, that would happen, wouldn't it?  Every time I read an opinion piece, be it in the form of a newspaper article or someone else's blog, I always want to write my reaction to it on here.  The only trouble is that I usually read these sort of things when I'm meant to be doing something else (i.e. homework or revision) and, although I can allow myself to take a small break, guilt tears me to pieces when this break then lasts for an hour or so.

So I apologise for the long break; it was the result of guilt over revision and a lack of stimuli.  But I am more apologetic for returning to the 'blogosphere' with this piece of work - I mean, it's hardly riveting, is it?  On the plus side, I finished it in just under an hour, so I'm allowing myself to put in this little smiley face right here :)

P.S.  My next post will be better and out within a week, I promise!


  1. Fliss, this is really good! You're ultra smart all over.

  2. Ahh I totally get that! (this is Rachel from orchestra by the way) I start things and then I have to delete them because I lose focus!