Monday, 25 June 2012

When ignorance is not bliss

Thank goodness.  Thank goodness England didn't beat Italy; thank goodness the German football team won't get the opportunity to humiliate us.

Disappointed by my apparent lack of patriotism?  I do apologise.  But we all know that a lot of it's-okay-because-we-all-know-who-won-World-War-2 'jokes' would have started popping up when we had been beaten in the semi-final.  Except they're not jokes, because they're not funny.

It's ridiculous how the gloating is still there when more than half a century has passed but, nevertheless, it continues to drag on.  German people are perfectly normal - I'm Facebook friends with some I met last year while camping - and do not deserve to be looked upon with such ignorant prejudice.

The real irony of the situation lies in the fact that Germany seem to have done better out of the war in the long run - their economy is currently superior to ours and those of many other countries (Greece, for instance).  Furthermore, they are unquestionably better than us Brits at nabbing sun-beds when on holiday, so surely banging on about the distant past is a little bit, well, pathetic?


  1. Sweet blog! =)

  2. I've been studying German history for my A/S level and have german friends. One of my great grand parents was also german. You're right, those jokes are not funny, but betray long-standing prejudice.